February 6, 2023

Week 14 — Questions and comments

Please post your questions and comments about this week’s reading below.

Week 13 — Questions and Comments

Include your comments and questions below on Pursell, 324-348 and the Global Graveyard site.

Week 12 Comments/questions

Please post your questions and comments below about the readings from Nye and Pursell for this week .

Week 11 Questions/comments

Post your comments/questions about Smith and Clancey, 355-364; Ruth Cowan, A Social History of American Technology, 201-219.

Week 9 Questions/comments

Post your comments/questions about our reading from Geoffrey Bennett, The Story of Popular Photography, 128-153; Nye, 133-137; Pursell, 144-168

Comments for Week 8

Post your comments/questions about our reading from Pursell, 169-188, 253-290.

Comments for Week 6

Enter your questions and comments below on Nye, 29-132, 138-142, 182-184, 287-291, 304-307, 314-317, 322-338

Comments for Week 5

As questions or add comments below on the readings for this week: Smith and Clancey, 151-152, 221-232, 267-289

Comments on Week 4 Readings

Place your comments about Pursell, 73-91, 102-105; Susan Danly, The Railroad in American Art, 1-50 (see Readings page) in the comment field below.

Comments on Week 3 readings

Place your comments about Pursell, 39-71; Smith and Clancey, 153-172 in the comment field below.