February 6, 2023

Project List


This page will be updated as groups submit topics and are approved.

Approved topics

Barbie — Katelyn L, Kasey M, Courtney C.

Ferris Wheel — Carrie, Jessica R., Emily Ba.

LP Record — Libby, Chris, Jessica C., Mason

Alternating Current — Josephine, Catherine, Ben

3D movies — Maggie, Caleb, Emily Bo.

Nuclear-powered Aircraft Carriers — Patrick, Gibran, Nate

M16 — George, Thomas, Ronnie

Credit Card — Jack, Jeremy, Daniel


Remember: Topics cannot duplicate those of other groups, cannot duplicate those of previous HIST 325 projects at http://historyoftech.umwblogs.org/ (unless you can make the case that they will improve on those projects in some substantive way), and cannot overlap with those covered in class lectures.